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Farmed by a group of experienced sales and technical professionals, World of Controls is able to support your esteemed organization for all Power Plant related requirements. Supply will be made from stock or from reliable supply sources at the best of prices, with warranty and without any bit of compromise in quality. WOC supplies New as well as Used parts and assures genuine OEMproa’ucts.


In house test and repair facility run by engineers with loads of experience is one of the USPs of W0C WOC does not limit themselves to the supply of circuit boards but also offers an array of Services like Test & Repair of circuit boards/ parts, troubleshooting of control systems/DCS as well as training in the field of both mechanical and controls. Apart from the above products/services WOC supplies Field Instruments, Consumables such as nuts, bolts, gaskets, fuses, capacitors etc. Other than parts manufactured by major OEMs WOC has the ability to supply cost-effective aftermarket products based on the requirement of Users.

GE Speedtronic Our World of GE Speedtronie & GE Excitation With an effective stock of GE Speedtronic & GE Excitation cards/parts WOC has the ability to support end users who need parts to keep their obsolete panels operational. WOC also stocks and supplies parts for running models. Obsolete Models of GE Speedtronie & GE Excitation supported by WOC.

1. GE Mark I

2. GE Mark II

3. GE Mark III

4. GE Mark IV

5. GE Mark V

6. GE Excitation – EX2000

Current Models of GE Speedtronic supported by WOC

1. GE Mark VI

2. GE Mark VIe

3. GE Excitation 2100

4. GE Excitation 2100e


Roshel Defence Solutions is a leading provider of complex tactical systems and operational support services to government and commercial clients throughout the world. Among our broad range of defense products and services are sophisticatedfield-proven vehicular-based solutions. In particular; we specialize on a wide range of armored vehicles from luxury sedans, S U Vs and mini—bases to eash-in—transit tracks and law enforcement units.

Roshel has a proven track record of providing armoured vehicles for banks, law enforcement agencies, corporate clients and individuals all over the world. With every vehicle, the company aims to deliver unmatched level of security, maximal efliciency and superior technical capabilities.

Roshel implements the best practices in technological innovation, design and quality management.

All of its materials are tested and certified by the world’s largest independent testing laboratories. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Roshel Defence Solutions has been established by a distinguished group of defense and engineering professionals with many years of experience within the global defense and security markets. Roshel operates across six continents servicing its clients in the world’s most challenging environments.

With an industry-leading selection of unique solutions, we pride ourselves on the ability to accurately evaluate threats and offer the most suitable solution to deliver guaranteed results. We are committed to helping our clients to overcome ever-changing challenges and achieve success, no matter they are in the world.

As a Canadian entity, Roshel complies with relevant exporting laws, policies and regulations, including the registration with the Controlled Goods Program (please see Appendix A for the certificate) for examining, possessing or transferring of controlled goods. Roshel is a registered supplier of NATO, including the United States Armed Forces and Canadian Armed Forces, as well as UN and other specialized agencies and organizations.

Our solutions

Roshel Defence Solutions specializes on providing complex vehicular—based tactical systems and operational support services to government and commercial clients throughout the world. Our broad range of products and services includes armoured vehicles, electronic warfare, observation and surveillance systems complemented with complex consulting, training, procurement and sourcing services.



Sai Heatreaters and Non—destractive Testing Pvt.Lta’, established in the year 1990, with a modest service infrastructure in industrial radiography and non-destraetive testing facilities. Presently, this organization has come up of age to provide variety of knowledge-based services to many chemical, petrochemical, power, aerospace and manufacturing industries in India. We, take pleasure in forwarding herewith our credentials, to enable you to get a feeling of our standing in the field of various Conventional & Advanced NDT methods and also Heat Treatment of field welded joints (P WH T) by electrical resistance method.



“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. ” Winston Churchill

BASTION HLS Ltd  we make your mission, our mission. We work tirelessly to build the armored / special task vehicles and a variety of other defense and security related solutions, that you need to meet your specific objectives and to make your vision a reality. BASTION HLS Ltd. Our approach to business at BASTION HLS, our attitude in life, is to provide our customers with customized defense and security solutions of the highest quality. It is the way we work. It is what we do. We alter, assemble, reinforce and technologically enhance armored and special task vehicles used by soldiers on military assignments or for cash in transit ( CIT = the safe transfer of money and valuable assets). We modify specialized air conditioning systems to keep vehicles properly cooled for their human occupants, cargo and tasks. We build and configure stationery and portable safe rooms that simultaneously; maximize protective capabilities, utility and comfort. We sell tactical gear, weapon accessories and help our customers maintain their weapons and systems.


We do all this, and much more for governments, businesses, institutions and individuals, who will put such projects only in the hands of a firm such as BASTION HLS Ltd, possessing the experience, expertise, creativity and proven ability to formulate novel, tailor-made solutions. Founded in 2005 and led by the accomplished Lt. Col. (Ret.), Eyal Avidov, BASTION HLS Ltd., has been the firm of choice for many clients in Israel, Eastern Europe, Africa and around the globe. These include militaries, defense ministries, homeland security and law enforcement agencies, diplomatic and other government offices, large military equipment and defense system suppliers, money transfer firms and private VIP’s in need of armored vehicles, command and control vehicles, special task vehicles, tactical equipment, specialized cooling systems, urban or military mobile buildings, weapon accessories and much more. Our fiercely loyal customers choose BASTION HLS Ltd, time and again, because they know that their demands will be met; that they will receive the very best solution, precisely customized to their specific requirements; that they will be provided with the long-term service, support and advice needed to maintain their vehicles and/or other solutions delivered by BASTION HLS Ltd. Most of all, they look forward to the peace of mind that results from working with afirm that employs experienced army veterans and engineers with a determined, customer-oriented attitude, has an established, unassailable track-record of timely deliveries in both the military and civilian sectors, and possesses a very large, and very satisfied customer base.


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