Unique Solution is an organized under self-reliant Strategic Business Unit (SBU) catering to the needs of core sector industries through supply of equipment and its services to Process Plant Industries, oil and gas plants, Marine and Defence sector.


The division operates at the upper end of the technology spectrum and has been at the forefront of introducing new processes, products, and materials into the repair and maintenance sector, for over a decade.


Unique Solution has state-of-the-art repair and maintenance facilities which are capable of meeting the challenges of technology, quality conformance & delivery while ensuring cost competitiveness.


Our capability spectrum not only covers in-house engineering, repair centers, and world-class fabrication facilities but also includes a highly experienced team, committed to safe and sustainable work culture.


The key technologies worked upon thus far by the Centre include stabilization technology (to stabilize launchers) onboard ship platforms and stabilization of ships using fin stabilizers), Ballistics and Sonar Winch Systems. We are one of the Registered Vendors to L&T for maintenance of a large number of systems fitted onboard Defence Installations


The engineering culture at our Unique Solution has led to the repair and maintenance of over a hundred successful products such as WM-18, IRL, ITTL, P 1703, UVLM system, Land-based weapon launchers including  Naval Engineering Systems including indigenous Winch & Sonar Handling Systems, Steering Gear, Fin Stabilisers and more.


  • Indian Naval Vessels
  • Indian Coast Guard Vessels
  • Merchant Navy vessels
  • Luxury boats
  • Fast Attacking Crafts
  • Wooden Boat (DHOW)


  • NBCD Simulator
  • Weapon system Simulators
  • Electrical Lab Demo training Kits
  • Engineering Demo training Kits
  • Hydraulic Demo training Kit

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Critical Chain Project Management is based on the hugely successful Theory of Constraints, and targets improved execution and delivery performance


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